IKA damer (Volley)

The team (IKA ladies in volleyball) was founded in 2012 by Johanna Uitto and Heidi Sundelin. Since 2012 IKA have played in Talvisarja which is a exercise series in Turku, where no insurance and only a small sum (~60€) is required for the team to participate.

Talvisarja Table 2015-16
Talvisarja Table 2015-16:

Previous Talvisarja result:
2014-15, we came 5th of 7 teams, and we won 5 games (we can see a trend)
2013-14, we came 7th of 8 teams, winning 3 games (an improvement!)
2012-13, we were placed last of 7 teams, winning only two sets (but we were super happy when we won these two!)

Sport Volleyboll
Home city Åbo
Team members 22
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Contact persons:

Anna-Karin Noromies email: anna-karin.noromies@abo.fi

Patricia Nygård email: patricia.nygard@abo.fi

Last updated: 2014